10.5 inch hand forged damascus carving knife on  a wooden serving board
10 inch Hand Forged Damascus Carving Knife with steel bolster and mosaic middle pin, produced by Kind Knives
Two Hand Forged Damascus Knifes with steel bolster and mosaic middle pin, produced by Kind Knives, on a table with ingredients
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10.5" Damascus Hand Forged Carving Knife

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There comes a time in your cooking life where you just need a big blade, size does matter!

Whether it's carving up the BBQ roast, cutting up the summer watermelon salad, or simply making a statement to your mates, this 10.5" hand forged damascus carving knife will get the job done in style. 

Fast Facts:

✔ 10.5" heavy duty blade
✔ Stunning damascus patterning from 1080 and 14N20 steel
✔ Hardness of 58 means this knife will hold its edge, but isn't too difficult to resharpen 
✔ 15 degree dual beveled blade reduces cutting friction 
✔ Full tang blade providing balance and strength
✔ Smooth rosewood handle with eye catching middle mosaic rivet 
✔ 300 grams weight will help your cut 

To help you protect your hand forged damascus blade your purchase comes with a free leather knife sheath. You're welcome! 

Knife Care: Your knife is high carbon steel, meaning that it needs care or it could rust. Always hand wash your knife with a soft cloth after use. Then dry and lightly oil the blade, mineral oil will be best for this.