six hand forged knives with damascus patterning
Hand forged damascus carving knife and cleaver on dark wooden table
close up of wooden handle with mosaic pin on hand forged damascus knife
6 hand forged damascus knives in a leather knife roll
hand made leather knife roll
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Hand Forged Damascus Knife Set

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Introducing the Kind Knives hand forged damascus knife set. This magnificent set includes six knives that are each handcrafted with precision and care. Not only do these knives look great, but they're also incredibly durable and sharp, making them perfect for any kitchen.

✔ 4 inch damascus paring knife
✔ 6 inch damascus utility knife
✔ 6 inch damascus carving fork
✔ 8 inch damascus chef knife
✔ 7.5 inch damascus cleaver
✔ 10.5 inch damascus carving knife
 FREE leather knife roll!

Knife Care: Your knife is high carbon steel, meaning that it needs care or it could rust. Always hand wash your knife with a soft cloth after use. Then dry and lightly oil the blade, mineral oil will be best for this.