The charity we support - HD Streetwise!

by Dane Williams on November 03, 2020

Homelessness is something I want to help change! 

I used to know homelessness was an important issue, but it only was only when a member of my family suffered a downward spiral that I realised what a problem homelessness is in Australia. Although it's too late to help my uncle, I hopefully can help others.... 

There are so many reasons why people can become homeless, and there are many highly educated and passionate people out there trying make this issue better. Males and indigenous Australians are unfortunately highly represented in these statistics, as well as approximately 5.3 per cent of Australian veterans who left the Australian Defence Force; having served this statistic worries me. 

One organisation who is trying to make our world a better place is HDStreetwise

Located in sunny Perth and established in 2007, HDStreetwise is a non-profit, incorporated charity, that passionately advocates for the homeless, needy and politically under-represented. 

What I especially love about HD Streetwise is how much they do for our community:

  • Outreach support for those in need
  • Domestic violence & emergency housing relief
  • Clothing for employment
  • Birthday gifts for those who are living in relief accomondation

Part of my idea behind Kind Knives was to help make the world a better place, and help do my part, I'm giving a part of my profits to HDStreetwise, so that they can continue to help others. 

So please, buy my stuff and lets make things better :)